A Spectrum of Dance ~ the big picture  

Wareham Dances is a program organized by the Cultural Connection, Inc. , it is a dance co-operative linking a number of dynamic, amateur and professional dance organizations in Wareham to each other, to you and the world.

Our goal is to provide access to as many styles and types of dance as is possible to dance fans and students of every kind in Greater Wareham and far beyond.

Celebrate Salsa
Dance Cabo Verde
It Starts with Sparks
Society for the Preservation Of Contra Dance In New England ~ SPOCDINE
with more applying.

It is our intention to host a dance of a particular genre on a regular night. We hope to have our first Contra Dance beginning on Saturday evening the 26th of March and each 4th Saturday there on. Wareham has been known as the "Gateway to Cape Cod" since the early 1600's due to its location as the last whole town at a time when the Cape Cod Canal, which bi-sects the neighboring town of Bourne, was just a dream to Miles Standish. Wareham is near the jucntions of Route. 3, Rte. 6, Rte. 25, Rte. I-195 and Rte. 495. Wareham is the ideal location for viewing or participating in events of every nature; especially dance!