Cultural Connection, Inc.

The Cultural Connection~

is a broad spectrum 501(c)(3) charitable, tax exempt, tax deductible organization whose purpose is creating, connecting & preserving public cultural assets and related infrastructure for the benefit of Greater Wareham, consistent with the larger aims of the town and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

This kind of activity is known as Creative PlaceMaking. Creative PlaceMaking is the ongoing activities that facilitate feelings of vibrancy, unity and self esteem of and amongst a community, its residents, visitors and businesses by diligently employing imaginative use of various cultural assets that make up and define specific areas. In Wareham, those areas are the Onset Seaside District located near the West end of the Cape Cod Canal on the Wareham coast of Buzzards Bay and the Swan District located in the Village of Wareham where the waters of the Wankinco and Agawam Rivers commingle, the periphery of which many swans make their home.

Our goal is to connect, mechanically and intrinsically, the unique cultural assets in Wareham and Onset in their many forms. Thus, setting in motion a dynamic harmony of peaceful and creative coexistance like jewels on a necklace or children of the same unfathamable spirit.

Band Shell Alliance

Currently one of our precious cultural assets, the Gregerman Band Shell in Onset is in need of upgrades and repairs. All our fund raising efforts, including the 4th Saturday Contra Dances, First Saturday Salsa Dances, the Free Onset Film Festival, the Onset Kite Festival and the Wareham Rocket n Robotics Festival contribute to this cause.

Greater Wareham

Wareham IS the Gateway to Cape Cod. It is located at the junctions of Routes. I-195 and I-495, or if you are travelling on Route MA 3, travel 4 miles East on MA Route 6 to enter East Wareham at Buttermilk Bay.
Wareham is the ideal location for quiet beach going, free Shakespeare, free family films, Gourmet, Cafe and Al Fresco Dining, dancing, free concerts & cultural festivals of all stripes!